Aims, Values & More

The Oxford Dictionary defines well-being as ‘The state of being comfortable, healthy, or happy’.

Paying more attention to the present moment – to our own thoughts and feelings, and to the world around us – can improve our mental well-being. This awareness is known as “mindfulness”.

Practising mindfulness can help young children learn to focus, manage stress, regulate emotions, and develop a positive outlook.

Research has shown that mindfulness helps young children them:

  • Improve emotional and well-being
  • Feel calmer and more fulfilled
  • Get on better with others
  • Concentrate better
  • Manage their stress and anxiety

Mission statement:

Stressless aims to provide effective and stimulating activities to promote and improve the well-being of young children at school and at home.

Our Core Values:

Compassion –  getting young children to actively hear and sense other individual’s thoughts and feelings whilst always trying to be kind and caring

Curiosity –  To get young children recharged by discovering new insights through different activities.

Care – To foster care to all young children and maximise they wellbeing.

Courage – To empower young children to have the energy, determination and resilience to get through each day with less stress and more happiness.